One customer at a time. We are Acropolis Aviation.

Incorporated in 2001, we are a commercial aviation sales and marketing company that specializes in supplying niche markets and building long lasting and profitable relationships with select customers.

We have no desire to be everything to all companies. Instead we build our relationships one customer at a time. So that we and our customers can keep aircrafts in the air and generating revenue.


  • AOG and Routine Spares Support
  • Engine and Aircraft Evaluations and records Audits
  • Worldwide Logistic Support
  • Component Maintenance
  • Components Exchange Programs
  • PBH Agreements
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Engine and APU Maintenance
  • Aircraft Sales
  • Engine and APU Sales
  • Engineering Support Programs

Other services are available on request.


Conor Boden, CEO of Acropolis Aviation, has over 30 years’ experience in Aviation both on the Airline side and in the Parts Aftermarket.  Beginning his career with the AGES Group in 1986 and honing his knowledge with AGES, Aviation Holdings International, The Magellan Group and C & L Aerospace, Conor started Acropolis Aviation as a trading and consulting company in 2011. He played a large part in valuing the BOEING surplus consignment, which was managed by the AGES Group.   Conor brings an extensive knowledge of the industry in general and product knowledge across most commercial platforms, to Acropolis Aviation where we always focus on “Ones Customer at a time.”


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